Maestro+ WMS: Warehouse Management System

The introduction of technology can significantly improve warehouse productivity, increase utilization, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. As customers become more sophisticated, requiring accurate, secure, fast data exchange, and as the competition becomes more intense, companies need to have the information-technology tools to support the business and build reliability, speed, control and flexibility into the warehouse operation. The Maestro+ WMS is a structured software solution, that consists of different modules to fulfill the needs of each company.   

Article management

This module can manage the complete configuration of the master data of articles. In addition, the master data can be managed by the ERP system; in that case this module offers the possibility to consult all data in the Maestro+ WMS.

Article reception / Inbound

This part of the Maestro+ WMS manages the reception of goods. It starts with the pre-reception, the procedure where the expected goods are registered in the Maestro+ WMS. In the reception module you can also control the dock management. Once the goods are unloaded, the delivery can be checked by quality and quantity. 

Put away

The 'Put away' includes a variety of options to assign positions to the goods. There is 'direct put away', 'directed put away', 'batch and sequenced put away', 'N-step put away', etc. 


When received goods need urgent shipping to customers, crossdocking is the ideal solution. This module gives you the opportunity to directly transfer received goods to the order picking or expedition area, without first been put into the stock. 


The inventory software includes both 'Stock Management' and 'Stock Counting'.

The 'Stock Management' is all about the amount, the rotation, the location and the ABC-classification of products in the warehouse.

'Stock Counting' can be programmed in several ways. While designing the Maestro+ WMS, there will be a determination of the solution that meets the needs of the customers to the fullest. There can be cycle counts, declaration of inventory when the operator is doing the order picking, stock counts by product, zone or complete warehouse or a combination of previous options. 

Order Preparation / Order Picking

As with any logistic process, preparation is a key element. There are many ways to organise the order picking process. According to the customers' needs, a perfect order picking solution can be defined and be included in the Maestro+ WMS. This may include: 

  • Preparation by order
  • Preparation by product
  • Preparation by order wave
  • Semi-automated order preparation
  • Preparation by regroupment of orders (PICK THEN PACK)
  • Preparation by regroupment of products to sort by group of orders (PICK, SORT, THEN PACK)
  • and many more

Consolidation / Expedition

This module of the Maestro+ WMS includes the consolidation of the orders, with built-in checks, packing and wrapping the orders (in boxes or on pallets) and send them through to the Expedition zone.

Once orders arrive in the Expedition part of the Maestro+ WMS, there can be a link towards the transporter software to automatically print the transport labels. The management of different transport companies, time slots and cut off times is also handled in this part of the Maestro+ WMS. 


In this part of the Maestro+ WMS all transfers of goods within the warehouse are managed. This can be for location swaps, replenishment on demand of operator, replenishment on anticipation, replenishment 'Just in Time', etc. 

Potential benefits of having a Maestro+ WMS: 

  • Real-time stock visibility and traceability
  • Improved productivity
  • Accurate stock
  • Reduction on mis-picks
  • Automatic replenishments
  • Reduction in returns
  • Accurate reporting
  • Improved responsiveness
  • Remote data visibility
  • Improved customer service
  • Minimized paperwork

Specifications of Maestro+ WMS

  • Fully modular
  • Cloud WMS software
  • Usable on any device
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Built on the latest .NET technology
  • Fully integrated with ERP, WCS and MES
  • User friendly

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