Maestro+ WCS: Warehouse Control System

WCS Pallet Factory

This Maestro+ module is used to control an automated palletising system (from Alvey/Scott or another provider).

The Maestro+ WCS pallet factory manages: 

  • The master data required for palletising
  • The palletising flow for single and multiple production lines
  • The interaction between Maestro+, the production lines and the palletiser
  • A connection with the production line with integrated traceability

WCS Conveyor

This module controls the product flow in the warehouse on the conveyor. The WCS conveyor communicates in real time with the PLC or EvoLink, our own intelligent card that transfers the 'automation intelligence' to the component on which it is mounted. With the necessary data, the WCS ensures that all products arrive at the right location. It triggers events with other module by attribution when needed, e.g. to print labels.

WCS ASRS (Automatic Storage & Retrieval System)

This module manages and controls the automated warehouse by: 

  • interfacing with miniloads (e.g. boxes) and stacker cranes (e.g. pallets)
  • interfacing with the multi shuttle system
  • generating all entry and exit missions for loads (articles, boxes and pallets)
  • optimizing missions of stacker cranes

WCS AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle)

This module manages and controls the automatically controlled vehicles. There is also a link with third parties here, between Maestro+ and the supervisory management of the AGV. The module generates and controls pick and drop missions and optimizes these missions. The route determination is done by Maestro+. Various parameters are considered: e.g. the most optimal route, the different pick or drop locations, the route with the least chance of incident (unnecessary crossing of vehicles) and the optimal utilization of the available AGVs.

WCS Order Preparation

This module can be used for various ways of automated order picking, e.g. order picking using barcode scanners, pick-to-light, pick-to-voice or pick-to-vision. Maestro+ communicates with hardware provided by third parties.

Application options different techniques: 


Scanners use technology of optical symbolism e.g. a barcode, 2D code, OCR or Vision systems. Depending on the product and the application, different categories of scanners and barcoding are available. There are fixed scanners, batch scanners and RF scanners.

  • Pick-to-light
  • Pick-to-voice 
  • Pick-to-vision 

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