Warehouse and distribution

Maestro+ includes a number of modules designed to optimize processes in your warehouse.


Maestro+ WCS

Warehouse product flow is managed by the WCS module. Based on automatic identification (e.g. Barcode, RFiD ), the WCS module calculates the flow rate of the products (e.g. boxes, totes, pallet) and transmits the routing information to the PLC.

Maestro+ WMS

For the complete Warehouse Management Package (reception, expedition, location management), the Maestro+ WMS includes a set of standard and configurable solutions.

Maestro+ Order picking

To optimize order preparation the Maestro+ Order picking module has several solutions for order picking (Voice technology, PickToLight etc.). These solutions are integrated with all the Maestro+ modules.

Maestro+ Store

The Maestro+ Store module is a dedicated designed software interface for automated warehouses.


Module enabling the communication with client’s higher-lying systems (usually an ERP or WMS system) and the PLC.

User interface

Specialised module for screens with reports, supervision installation, etc.

Alarm management

Module for sending machine status/emergency messages.


Module for sending messages with machine operation statistics, time when servicing is due, etc.

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