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The cockpit was designed to give a detailed insight of the performance of the Palletising installation: how is the infeed/outfeed of the tables going during a certain period, what is the load factor of the palletisers, are there potential bottlenecks in the installation, ... If there is e.g. a dropin output, the cockpit will be able to trace this back to the origin. The cockpit allows the customer to have capacity and occupancy monitoring and planning.

Slotting & Mapping

The 'Slotting & Mapping' is an extension of the Maestro+ WMS. This software solution makes it possible to manage your warehouse to its best, by optimize: the stock volumes, the number of operators and the order preparation cycle. The first two are included in the 'Slotting' part of the software. By analysing the stock and the order details, every product gets the most optimal location in the warehouse. This selection happens on the number of products in stock, the frequency of picking and replenishment and type of emplacement this product needs. By estimating the time needed to handle an order and analysing the productivity of employees, the perfect number of required employees can be calculated. The third part is included in the 'Mapping' part of the software, where optimization of the warehouse locations is made possible. This can be done by analysing the products that are frequently ordered together and place them near to each other in the warehouse. This process reduces the order picking time, and results in a more efficient way of working. 

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