Customer support

Scott offers customer service around the world through local service centres. 

Helpdesk / hotline

Our experienced engineers and software developers are happy to answer your questions and always look for the most efficient solution to a problem.

Our 'hotline' can be reached day and night, and provides immediate expert assistance whenever needed.

The hotline is available for customers with a hotline contract and for customers with an installation during start-up phase. Other clients can reach our local service departments during office hours. 


The following services are optionally available: preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance and remedial maintenance.

Modifications and upgrades

Modifications to the Maestro+ Software Solutions on demand of the client are possible. These modifications are always project based and are defined in the personal pricing offer. 

Yearly upgrades are included in the Licence fee. These are standard changes to the software, on initiative of Scott.


For the use of the Maestro+ products, a yearly license fee is due. In return for this fee, you have the right to use the Maestro+ software and you receive all updates initiated by Scott.

Staff trainings

Practical training

Scott offers practical training for operators and maintenance staff during the start-up phase. When required, additional detailed trainings can be organized.

Documentation and manuals

At commissioning, you will receive detailed user manuals with information on all modules, sketches, solutions for possible problems etc. When in doubt, you can always consult our customer service as well.

All documentation is written in English.

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