Maestro+ features a complete set of functions to manage palletisers and robots.


Maestro+ Pallet Factory

For production planning, article management, pallet data management (e.g. layer sheet, strap, pallet-type, stack pattern, ...), the Maestro+ Pallet Factory offers a complete set of functions to manage palletisers, robots and gantry-robots.

Maestro+ SCADA

This module enables an efficient communication for real-time event and alarm monitoring. Based on PLC communication, the module generates reports on alarms, maintenance-events and energy consumption.


Module enabling the communication with client’s higher-lying systems (usually an ERP or WMS system) and the PLC.

User interface

Specialised module for screens with reports, supervision installation, etc.

Alarm management

Module for sending machine status/emergency messages.


Module for sending messages with machine operation statistics, time when servicing is due, etc.

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