Pick-to-voice order picking system

The new order picking system for a major meat and fresh food products distributor delivered a major boost in efficiency, speed and accuracy.



Plastic crates filled with food products.


600 x 400 mm, weight up to 30 kg


Number of SKU’s: +/-5000.
Up to 12,000 order lines per day.
Average order line: 1,5 SKU.
Up to 750 picking bins per hour.


not used


15 hours a day. Operational staff: +/- 14 persons.



This new system replaces a "paper" order picking system to provide a great improvement in efficiency, speed and precision. Through rapid increase in turnover and a substantial increase of SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), the client invested in this voice-activated picking system. This system also takes HACCP (risk- inventory for food) and cold chain monitoring into account.


The Router system and a network of supply belts ensure the transport of the plastic crates to the various picking zones. The system is supported by the voice-activated picking module and the distribution system. The movement of the dispatch crates is fully automated up to the 24 loading zones for refrigerated road transport.