Case studies

In recent years, hundreds of automated palletising and distribution systems for leading brands in various branches of industry were installed. Many of these solutions benefit from utilizing our software Maestro+.

Maestro+ in Palletising

Multi-line palletisation of frozen potatoes

Completely automated palletisation of cardboard boxes from 9 production lines with possible expansion to 18 lines.

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Multi-line palletisation of boxes

Since 2001, several palletising systems for the leading manufacturer of hygienic paper and personal care products were installed. The systems are fully automatic and palletise packaged products coming from 24 production lines.

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Multi-line palletisation of chips

Completely automated palletisation of cardboard boxes from 8 production lines with expansion possible.

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Multiple end-of-line palletiser project for dairy products

Fully automatic palletising of products coming from 11 production lines. Possible extension to 14 lines in the future. Online interfacing by Alvey Maestro+ software with global factory ERP system.

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Collection and centralised palletisation of boxes

This project goal was to collect the products on their way out of the packaging lines and convey them to a gathering zone for automatic palletisation.

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Maestro+ in Warehouse & Distribution

Pick-to-voice order picking system

The new order picking system for a major meat and fresh food products distributor delivered a major boost in efficiency, speed and accuracy.

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Order preparation system

The project goal was to automate the order preparation of all stock keeping units (SKUs) in a warehouse, excluding fresh foods, frozen foods and bulky products. We call such automated solution the ‘Click & Collect’ warehouse.

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Automated warehouse for trays with linen

The automated solutions in the hospital laundries sector allow the provision of functions including collection of linen from the ironing and folding train, transfers towards the inspection and identification stations, putting the linen piles on trays, the distribution of the piles of linen in a multi-tiered storage rack and, the automatic preparation of the equipments.

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