Your company uses SAP or a similar ERP system?

You have automation driven by PLCs?

Then let these systems communicate with each other!

Maestro+ is the right solution for you.

Upgrade your production efficiency to the next level with MAESTRO+

Maestro+ is a software package designed to boost performance of your automated production. By providing a reliable integration of both PLC controls and ERP system, it will utilize your equipment to maximum, give you better real-time overview, reduce operators┬┤ time and much more. Maestro+ is web based, user friendly, multilingual and fully modular.


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Benefits for Palletising

Direct ERP communication

Maestro+ transfers the information from the ERP to the palletiser directly. This allows immediate automatic implementation of your production plan.

End of order palletiser emptying

Normally it is required to empty the palletisers at the end of each order. With Maestro+ palletisers know about the end of order and will empty automatically.

Production plan statistics

Maestro+ is able to generate various statistics that help evaluate real fulfilment of a production plan.

Easy editing of pallet patterns

Creating or editing new pallet patterns has never been easier. With Maestro+ it is a simple choice of several parameters.


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Benefits for Warehouse & Distribution

ERP data integration

In order to use your warehouse logistics system to maximum, Maestro+ integrates the data from your ERP and uses them to control the warehouse efficiently. Maestro+ software is useful in all parts of a warehousing process.

Ideal product routing

For allowing optimal product flow, Maestro+ controls the conveying line delivering the product within the warehouse to the destination where it is needed. This means Maestro+ creates oprimal route for the product in your warehouse system and issues the orders for the conveyors subsequently.

Efficient WMS

As the heart of a modern warehouse is a Warehouse Management System. Maestro+ is able to provide a robust solution for this part too. The WMS module is built to handle the reception, expedition, location management and any additonal information or process required by your warehouse.

Easy driver for stacker cranes

In order to provide an efficient solution for your stacker crane warehouse, Maestro+ provides a smart position management and the routing for the stacker crane.

Simple Order picking

Reacting on ever growing e-business and distribution sectors, Maestro+ has highly developed means of managing the order picking by an operator. With an aid of Maestro+ various systems for picking by light, voice or list can be implemented.


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